A downloadable game for Windows

It's Slow-Time!
In this game, player is a super hero that has the ability to slow
time. Enemies are attacking in waves, and you have to kill them
with their own weapons! More detiled instructions in game.

Theme match:
The time-slow combined with the ability to hit bullets/enemies
back provides both defensive and offensive strategies. The global
slowtime allows quick escapes and attacks in a tight place.
Killing enemies also reloads your timeslow and you can lose
health to get more timeslow. Between waves you have the choice
to heal, get a global slow or extra points.

Windows computer

We didn't have time to balance the game, so expect unfair 
difficulty curve!


Osama Abuzaid - programmer & game designer
Jon-Erik Klint - programmer & game designer & graphics

Third party assets:
"Shooter Sprite Package" by "Posh Toffee Games" from Unity Asset Store

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the "game.exe" file inside the folder.


It's Slow-Time.zip 11 MB

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